Services: In bulk material handling, dedusting and shipping/ dispatch technology

Services offered for green field projects:
During project definition phase:
  • Designing/reviewing plant mass-flow and flow-sheet.
  • Sizing and selecting equipment.
  • Defining scope of project for tendering.
During project selection and execution phase:
  • Reviewing technical offers and advising in selection.
  • Reviewing detailed data during project phases.
  • Inspecting critical equipment in workshops.
During project closure phase:
  • Reviewing installation during erection/commissioning phase and identifying contractual deviations.
  • Monitoring performance guarantee tests.
  • Optimizing operation costs after project closure.
Services offered for brown field projects:
  • Executing automatization/optimization and debottlenecking assessments on site.
  • Providing technical due diligence  for merger and acquisitions.
  • Supporting capacity increase/feasibility projects.
  • Capacity building and workforce training.